"One of the best NC bands around, period." - Fred Mills, Blurt Magazine

"Badlands is one of the finest big-time rock records to come from the area in recent years, an effort that seems poised for attention far beyond the band's previous local focus." 
- Spencer Griffith, Independent Weekly

"If arena-sized crowds still seemed like a reachable goal for young bands playing straight-up rock music, Raleigh quintet Jack The Radio would be a prime candidate for moving up to the major leagues." 
- David Menconni, N&O

"...acid-rock version of the Eagles" - Aiding & Abetting

"Think Spoon meets Springsteen at the mechanical bull championship. Their effortless genre-hopping between bluesy, Southern pop and hard-edged Americana has mass appeal written all over it, positioning them alongside stadium mainstays such as Mumford & Sons and Kings of Leon." - The Vinyl District

"Raleigh’s freshest blues/rock band" - SPCLGST, Oak City Hustle

"...Jack the Radio is exactly what the local music scene was missing." - Leila Hasemi, The Stagger

"Raleigh’s favorite sons, Jack the Radio, have a pretty solid track record when it comes to delivering solid roots-based alt- country and their latest, Badlands, is no exception. It’s a slow burn album that may take more than one listen to really sink in, but once it does it stays with you." - John B. Moore, Blurt Magazine

"...electric guitar swept country tones that are so robust they’re practically bursting out at the seams." - Erick Mertz, BearedMagazine.com

"Exhibiting southern indie sensibility in spades" - Bucket Full of Nails

"...Badlands, explores and indulges larger narrative concepts, lending it an unfurling epic quality, rewarding repeat listens." - Speak Into My Good Eye

"...[Jack the Radio] spent 3 years working on Badlands and their efforts will put North Carolina squarely on the national music map." - IndieMinded

"...little bit of many genres, styles, and even decades comes together in Badlands, tied together by a strong pop country flavour." - BlogCritics

“Moonlight as a song is compelling from the commencement." - This Is Not The Radio

”These guys have a keen ear for songwriting and limitless talent blends genres so easily." - Hiplanta